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Beach Brains Meets: Nick and Will from the New Zealand music duo SACHI

Who are you? in one sentence.
Will - A semi-popular dance duo from New Zealand.
Nick - Two blonde soundmakers.

What do you do to pay your rent?
Will - Sit in dark rooms for long periods of time on a computer.
Nick - Come up with ideas.

What lead you to music?
Will - I guess just learning to play instruments at a young age. That then developed into being in bands.
Nick - A love of music lead me to music!

If you could be someone from the past who would you be?
Will - Mozart
Nick - Hunter Thompson

If anyone could shout out SACHI who would you choose?
Will - Barack Obama
Nick - Howard Stern

If you could travel anywhere right now where would you go?
Will - Istanbul, Turkey!
Nick - Tangier

Who’s your favourite artist?
Will - Right now, maybe Jungle.
Nick - Bowie.

Best eat out?
Will - Ponsonby Food Court
Nick - Ponsonby Food Court

If you could have anything on the BB site, what would it be?
Will - Custom Etched Jacket
Nick - Suits Me Pant

What album are you taking to your grave?
Will - Kanye West - Graduation
Nick - Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

What inspires you and gets you pumped?
Will - Working with great people on great music!
Nick - Consuming music, film and books.

Beach, Concrete or bush?
Will - Beach
Nick - Bush

What film speaks to you?
Will - Borat
Nick - A Clockwork Orange

Best advice you could share with your drunk self?
Will - You don't need that big mac
Nick - Just one more

What was the last thing you cooked?
Will - Pasta
Nick - Pea and Ham soup

Who’s your arch nemesis?
Will - Humidity
Nick - Sweet Potato

Who’s your angel?
Will - Air Conditioning
Nick - Nietzsche