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Who are you? in one sentence.
NICK - I’m a 20 something year old kid from Christchurch living in Auckland, who likes doing and making things, usually with a camera, or taking a photo of a car.

What do you do to pay your rent?
NICK - I’m a Brand Manager at Public Library Showroom!

What’s your favourite tattoo or scar? Why?
NICK - Probably the ‘Stay Gold’ on my upper thigh. My long-time best friend Angus Maindonald did that about six years ago in one of the downstairs rooms in our old Wellington flat at 3am. (Sorry Mum)

If you could be someone from the past who would you be?
NICK - Anthony Bourdain

Best advice an ex has ever given you?
NICK - Be honest and open up.

If you could travel anywhere right now where would you go?
NICK - Mongolia or Japan. My Dad and I were supposed to mountain bike thru Mongolia the month that COVID kicked off in New Zealand. So that still has a place in my heart to happen one day.

Who’s your favourite artist? Share an image
NICK - Ricardo Bofill or Cole Barash, actually you should interview him.

Best eat out?
NICK - Singapore Noodles from Wok Express on Ponsonby Road. Tell Paul I sent you.

If you could have anything on the BB site, what would it be?
NICK - Either of the Japan shirts for sure. Or that leather jacket that didn’t make the cut…

What album are you taking to your grave?
NICK - Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not – Arctic Monkeys innit

Who’s your best mate? Should we interview them?
NICK - I’m grateful to have some rad and inspiring people in my life. But you should interview Ryan Scott & Jarrod Saville.

What inspires you and gets you pumped?
NICK - Friends doing cool stuff. Music, art, my surroundings. Exercising with friends, exercising by myself. Staring out of an airplane window. Drinking beers with friends and talking absolute garbage.

Beach, Concrete or bush?
NICK - Half concrete half bush.

What film speaks to you?
NICK - Impossible Decision but ‘Into The Wild’. For that need and want to just leave.

Best advice you could share with your drunk self?
NICK - Just keep dancing.

What was the last thing you cooked?
NICK - Chorizo Pesto Pasta or an Omelette. I can’t remember what came first.

Who’s your arch nemesis?
NICK - The Heat. Or cold beers in the sun, which is contradicting to my first answer.

Who’s your angel?
NICK - Lily-Rose Depp, but also a big shout out to my Mum.