Beach Brains meets music producer Alex Wildwood!

Who are you? in one sentence.

  • I am a songwriter, music producer, maker and creator.

What do you do to pay your rent? Are you enjoying it?

  • I have an automatic-payment to pay my rent - which I don’t really get any enjoyment from but it seems to do the job pretty well so I leave it alone. I also write songs with really talented artist and try to create music I’m proud of which I really do enjoy.

If you could be someone from the past who would you be?

  • Leonardo Da Vinci. But it would be hard to decide between the real man and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Honesty, I’d be happy with either.

Best advice an ex has ever given you?

  • Don’t give up.

If you could travel anywhere right now where would you go?

  • Madeira or Bali but I’ve been to Bali loads so probably go to Madeira.

Who’s your favourite artist?

  • Visually I’d have to go with Henri Matisse. Musically as cliche as it may be, I have to say the Beatles.

Best eat out?

  • Lillian in Grey Lynn. Close enough that if I have a few too many I find my way home.

If you could have anything on the BB site, what would it be?

  • I love the the ‘soft’ t-shirt and the ‘Bleach Brain’ shirt.

What album are you taking to your grave?

  • Revolver by the Beatles or The Reminder by Feist.

Who’s your best mate? Should we interview them?

  • I’m very lucky to quite a few people who could have the title ‘best friend’, I’d say my friend Sam McCarthy, known as BoyBoy. He’s also a sensational music producer and songwriter. We often talk creativity, philosophy and general bullshit.

What inspires you and gets you pumped?

  • A great song. Nothing hits like a really great song can. It kinda just jumps up and slaps you in the mouth. Surfing always gets me excited too, similarly to music the journey to work with something you can’t control or appears somewhat fickle, be it a wave or a piece of music, inside that struggle of working with something bigger than you is the real joy.

Beach, Concrete or bush?

  • Beach.

What film speaks to you?
-Tree of Life. An amazing piece of cinematography and storytelling. Also Petes Dragon, which is a kids movie but it will fuck you up.

Best advice you could share with your drunk self?
-Stay upright.

What was the last thing you cooked?
-Scrambled eggs on toast.

Who’s your arch nemesis?
-In a lot of ways I feel like it’s the internal voice saying “you’re a charlatan” or that feeling that wants to keep me in the state of imposter syndrome. Neither is true but it’s that noise in your head that wants to try to convince me I have no business contributing, raising my hand or being on stage. What I’ve realised is that the very nature of creativity and innovation is to act ‘as if’ because what you’re making doesn’t exist yet. It’s only while making stuff you discover what works and what doesn’t.

Who’s your angel?
-My Mum.